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the coaching process

All sessions are based on the goals you set for yourself, to create self-discovery, and are customized to help you uncover what joy looks like for you in your life.

Live with Purpose because you are worth it!

I have coached countless people who were first hesitant when they started coaching.  They felt like they didn’t have enough time or money to invest in themselves.  It really came down to them not feeling like they were worth it.  Does this sound like you? 

It is time to Live with Purpose!  You deserve to have an opportunity to be transformed! 


What are the courageous goals you have wanted to achieve but have allowed other things or people to derail you?

Through coaching, we will find your Square 1 Moment.  That moment, where you want to begin and feel empowered about your present and your future.

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All Square 1 Coaching packages include:

  • Access to Psychometric assessments based on your specific coaching needs and an overview of the results with creating a plan for self-awareness.​

  • Your choice of 60-minute or 40-minute virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with Ginger.

  • Unlimited email or VOXER access to Ginger throughout the coaching package purchased for support and encouragement.

  • Find your WHY to learn your true passion for your goals.

  • Goal setting and learning how to overcome challenges to help you feel empowered towards your WHY.

  • Personalized resources, homework, or further reading and exploration after every session.

  • Timely progress assessment and action plans to ensure goals are on track.



3 months 1-on-1 Coaching

Your choice of

6 - 60 Minute or 9 - 40 Minute

Virtual Sessions

This package is for you if you need to make some small tweaks or adjustments to your goals and need some accountability, direction, and clarity to make it happen.



6 months of 1-on-1 Coaching

Your Choice of

12 - 60 Minute or 18 - 40 Minute

Virtual Sessions 

This package is for if you need more of a partner towards your commitment to your ambitious and bold goals.



12 months of 1-on-1 Coaching

Your Choice of

24 - 60 Minute or 36 - 40 Minute

Virtual Sessions

This package is for you if you need to give new energy to your goals, revitalize your outlook, and create the joy you have always wanted to achieve in your life and career.

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"Working with Ginger was the best thing I ever did for myself.  It was way different than what I expected.  I was thinking she was going to give me answers to how to do the things I need to in order to get my business going.  I was looking for the magic beans to give me instant gratification and success.  Instead, she has this magical way of making you look deep and dig into the reason as to why you are where you are.  Instead of giving me the answer, she did a beautiful job of making me answer my own questions with very thought-provoking ways. Ginger is very respectful, kind and has a wonderful bedside manner. She makes you feel very comfortable. She is my go-to life coach! "

- Dawn O'Connor

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